Scott entered the publishing world behind the register at a bookstore in 1981, and since then the game has changed many times.

With no internet or opportunity to self-publish, authors had only one way to go—the very challenging road that led to traditional publishing. If you were very lucky, you joined the handful of authors who got a "deal", and if your were very very lucky, you might have made some money. Along the way, you gave up the rights to your work, and the publisher did what they wanted with your content, design and marketing. Some books "made it" but most were lost as publishers chased "bestsellers", relegating wonderful and important voices to the remainder table, often holding onto the publishing rights until the last penny was squeezed from the book. We know this business well, and Flower of Life Press was created to do things very differently in the new inter-connected world.

Our model focuses primarily on the process of distilling your essence—listening, learning, and guiding you along your publishing path. We are not just publishers: we are coaches and intuitives, evolving with you while you write and we craft your book, website and brand.

Flower of Life Press is all about your destiny—not our bottom line.
Together, our authors define who we are, and we will succeed together. 

Our work always starts with the author (after all, it’s your book!) and follows the path that will make the most impact. We will find the right “package” for your unique message—paper or electronic, bookstore sales or “back of the room”—whatever fits your desire. We want to be your team—and we will never take your publication rights, or build something that you don’t absolutely love!