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We know a lot about business. Have you found a unique tool that informs and inspires, or a product that can add spark to your own entrepreneurial empire? Whatever your desire, we can guide you to your next opportunity. We are looking for are authors and entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their power. If your message is important, and you have a goal to meet or a dream to fulfill, send your book proposal and marketing ideas to jane@floweroflifepress.com and we will get in touch with you.

There are no rules. If your goal and ours connect, we will create a path for you and your voice. We do have some important guidelines, however, and they go like this:

We will review all book or product ideas with the following caveats:

  • All email submissions must include a cover letter of introduction, a description of the project, details about the author, and any marketing ideas that inspire and excite. 
  • We are looking for partners and creators who are fully committed to moving the conversation forward. Bringing a book to market is no small challenge, so do your homework please! 
  • Our purpose is to offer a home to voices of evolution... We are interested in the intersection of science and Spirit—from Quantum to meditation to the energy body, anything that will add to our collective journey towards deeper insight and connection. Personal development and coaching are cornerstones of the journey, and we want to see new, evolutionary methods of elevating you and your audience.

Most authors create the book but miss the essential starting point—your Brand and Platform are vital in supporting your book and marketing efforts. We are experts in design, branding and platform building. Are you ready to take it to the next level?