Jane holds such incredible presence for you to not only birth your book but to express the full message of your global work. She is a soul whisperer, incredible mentor, and a gifted editor.
— Ingrid Arna, Leading 7-figure Strategist

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Your Journey to Self-Expression...



Creativity exists in all of us. Our job is to find your spark and true voice, and give you the tools to create your book or brand. By joining us on your journey—letting our imagination and intention merge with yours—the fire in you will burn brighter and reflect clearly who you are and where you want to go with your message in your business and personal life. 

New Life Chapter One


With almost 45 years of experience in publishing, sales, design and marketing, books run deep in our blood. Our passion is fueled by the voices and purpose of our authors as expressed in print, websites and social media outlets. As your partner, we build you a unique container and present it to the world with style, pride and love.

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Flower of Life Press is committed to our authors, collaborators and tribe of evolving readers. We believe in your potential, and our business will evolve with you, utilizing every available tool to maximize your impact and attract the clients and readers who will resonate with your message. We are here to serve you. 

Watching Jane Ashley give birth to the book “The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose” has been my ultimate lesson in what it means to Priestess. Jane has held a space that is bigger than you could possibly imagine for me and my co-authors Rose Cole, Annie Lalla, Jennifer Russell, Jena la Flamme, Julie McAfee, Jessica Cornejo Gallegos, Elayne Kalila Doughty, and Sofiah Thom to write our chapters for this book. Jane has shown up with so much integrity, honor, clarity, love, and style through the entire process. And through her own personal challenges, she has shown me what it means to truly sit in the fire. Thank you Jane... I bow to you in reverence, honor and with so much respect.

— Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely, www.eyeswideopenlife.com


Featuring contributions from: Alexis Neely/Ali Shanti, Tanya Lynn, Alis Mao, Alokananda, Olana Barros, Rima Bonario, Allison Conte, Lainie Love Dalby, Dana Damara, Aurora Farber, Samantha Sweetwater, Nicole Hemmer, Cristina Laskar, Grace Lawrence, Amanda Leigh Patti, Megan Luther, Mia Luz, Maribeth Morrissey, Kate Mulder, Alexandra Pallas, Gavin Pauley, Cora Poage, Steph Ritz, Easula Sedlmaier, Samantha Sweetwater, and  Scott Watrous.

Prosperity Activation Circle and Book Signing in San Diego, CA. “Pioneering the Path to Prosperity” featuring authors, Rima Bonario, Tanya Lynn, Publisher Jane Ashley, and Dana Damara.

Prosperity Activation Circle and Book Signing in San Diego, CA. “Pioneering the Path to Prosperity” featuring authors, Rima Bonario, Tanya Lynn, Publisher Jane Ashley, and Dana Damara.

Author Steph Ritz at the Prosperity Activation Book Signing in Boulder, CO.

Author Steph Ritz at the Prosperity Activation Book Signing in Boulder, CO.

Publisher Jane Ashley anointing event guests with the healing power of essential oils at the Prosperity Activation Book Signing in Boulder, CO.

Publisher Jane Ashley anointing event guests with the healing power of essential oils at the Prosperity Activation Book Signing in Boulder, CO.

Prosperity Activation Circle and Book Signing in Boulder, CO. “Pioneering the Path to Prosperity”

Prosperity Activation Circle and Book Signing in Boulder, CO. “Pioneering the Path to Prosperity”

Author Ali Shanti at the Prosperity Activation Book Signing in Boulder, CO.

Author Ali Shanti at the Prosperity Activation Book Signing in Boulder, CO.

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Jane, Thank you for awakening the Feminine Evolutionary in me, being an amazing publisher and challenging women to share their vulnerable truth and stories through writing. I can hardly believe that by the end of this year, I’ll have contributed to 3 books with you! Knowing you has been such a blessing and has changed my life..and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Love you sister!! 

~Aurora Farber, www.AuroraFarber.com

Book SIgning for The New Feminine Evolutionary San Francisco, CA


Are you ready to embrace the New Feminine Evolution?

A new woman is emerging from the darkness—strong, determined, flowing with primordial power—fearlessly facing her demons… 

The New Feminine Evolutionary is a ground breaking book: revealing in total for the first time the deep essences that run throughout this movement of women who are changing the world. This book is bold, fearless, and resonates with honesty. Each author brings her unique slice of essence to a chapter with stories and wisdom, as a special gift to the reader—reaching out a hand and lighting the way for her to step onto the path of transformation.

Forged around the fire circle, this woman stands ready to step forward, fully embodied, carrying the torch of transformation to all those courageous enough to evolve…

This collaborative book, The New Feminine Evolutionary, tells the story of 25 pioneers—women who personify the Divine Feminine: Healers. Medicine women. Artists. Quantum guides. Activists. 

She is US—created out of the forces of change—the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone. She is the woman next door.

It is time to declare your power, time to remember our sacred mother, Gaia… time to add your voice and define who you are—and what you are doing to bring the resonance of love to the world.

Published by Flower of Life Press, this book establishes a conversation about the different facets of this new feminine evolutionary woman, and how our open hearts and powerful lineage of sisterhood can transform not just the world we each inhabit, but the global energetic of love.

Recent Releases from Flower of Life Press...

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Jane speaking on stage at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition annual Conference at Lincoln Center, NYC. “6 Steps to Closing the Deal: A Heart-centered Approach to Sales”

Jane speaking on stage at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition annual Conference at Lincoln Center, NYC. “6 Steps to Closing the Deal: A Heart-centered Approach to Sales”

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Jane speaks about the creative process as part of Laura Hollick's International Soul Art Day 2016 (28:30)

Jane speaks about the role of the artist in society at International Soul Art Day 2016 (38:22)




Authors & Clients


The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol, representing the energy of creation and the flow of potential. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of life and the beauty of the universe. With this engine of transformation as our symbolic essence, we have created a publishing company dedicated to the emerging voices of leaders and change makers—all of those beings who seek a home for the conversation.

Flower of Life Press—publishing for the new age—continuously evolving and casting the fierce,
fiery glow of creative expression.



Interviews with the authors of "The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose"

Praise for Flower of Life Press


I'm awed by the way my writing was simplified yet sculpted carefully to keep my own words intact. I love it! And so my journey of writing and authoring books is being deeply cultivated; I shall continue this part of my journey with a much deeper appreciation of the process. I've completely enjoyed this entire process, including the immense opening up of transparency in sharing my awakening experience. Thank you so much for this priceless experience.

~Olana Barros, www.OlanaBarros.com, co-author of “The New Feminine Evolutionary: Embody Presence—Become the Change”

This woman ... Jane S. Ashley ... I chose her to publish my book Oms from the Mat … you know why? Because one of her favorite people on the planet is Louise Hay and when I met her she said, "I want to create the next Hay House Publishing"... which is a HUGE statement that inspired me to say a big fat YES to her and her epic husband Scott Watrous. They are a dynamic duo to pay attention to for sure! Not only that but she has daughters—she's a devoted mother and supports Girls Elevate—I see such HUGE abundance, prosperity, joy, harmony and love in this relationship. Love you Jane Ashley.

~Dana Damara, www.DanaDamara.com, Author of Oms from the Mat: Breathe, Move, Awaken to the Power of Yoga

Flower of Life Press Team Jane Ashley and Scott Watrous
Our offices

Jane Ashley, Publisher

I have always seen the world as a canvas, and my education as a psychotherapist and as a designer centers on merging emotion and form, layers of texture and energy merged into a statement of visual essence. Scott puts words to everything he feels, and I paint the picture that takes form in my heart, defining our clients with truth and their own reflection. I love this work! With our pathway clear, Flower of Life Press and Flower of Life Creative become the dynamic container for the conscious evolution we all share.

I am many other things besides a Publisher—mom to 3 girls, daughter, sister, wife, friend, and daughter in law. All of the push and pull women face everyday keeps me moving at lightening speed, holding space for all that life brings—soccer and softball, dance competitions and band concerts, everyday looking for time to just be me. 

I believe in the power of sisterhood, and I am totally committed to honoring the Divine Feminine in each of us, and holding the highest vibration of love for ourselves and the planet. That is my calling. Being a Publisher is a dream, and a responsibility. I am ready. 

Scott Watrous, Chief Strategist

When I met Jane Ashley, my career in book publishing was almost 25 years old. Looking back, I had a love/hate relationship with my job. I loved the books, and business strategy flowed easily. I hated the bullshit, playing the chess board of company politics only by burying my heart deep in my soul. When I left, I knew I would be back, but on my terms, my own evolution guiding me to the right moment—that synchronistic spark that aligns you and the Universe into one energy. 

Flower of Life Press was formed with alchemy, defined with purpose, and dusted with magical light. Our work building brands and giving vision a frame brought a deeper intuitive connection, and Spirit illuminated the pathway. We are ready to step into the next phase of our lives. The time is right. 

Scott entered the publishing world behind the register at a bookstore in 1981, and since then the game has changed many times.

With no internet or opportunity to self-publish, authors had only one way to go—the very challenging road that led to traditional publishing. If you were very lucky, you joined the handful of authors who got a "deal", and if your were very very lucky, you might have made some money. Along the way, you gave up the rights to your work, and the publisher did what they wanted with your content, design and marketing. Some books "made it" but most were lost as publishers chased "bestsellers", relegating wonderful and important voices to the remainder table, often holding onto the publishing rights until the last penny was squeezed from the book. We know this business well, and Flower of Life Press was created to do things very differently in the new inter-connected world.

Our model focuses primarily on the process of distilling your essence—listening, learning, and guiding you along your publishing path. We are not just publishers: we are coaches and intuitives, evolving with you while you write and we craft your book, website and brand.

Flower of Life Press is all about your destiny—not our bottom line. Together, our authors define who we are, and we will succeed together. 

Our work always starts with the author (after all, it’s your book!) and follows the path that will make the most impact. We will find the right “package” for your unique message—paper or electronic, bookstore sales or “back of the room”—whatever fits your desire. We want to be your team—and we will never take your publication rights, or build something that you don’t absolutely love!  

Flower of Life Creative is dedicated to finding authenticity and the essence of your message.

We craft brands, books, card decks, programs and products that reflect the power of the authors voice, and creating visual textures that create the highest possible vibration.

From concept to execution, Flower of Life Creative will offer the support and services you need to bring the marketplace to you.

Our branding work begins with you. Our mantra has always been "We define your essence", our intuitive strengths growing keener as we expand and learn. Usually our clients have outgrown their brands, the vibration of their websites and products lagging beyond the "shift". Our process is deeply personal, the result is a brand that not only focuses on today, but can evolve as you and your business change. 

Many of our authors kick off the process at our home on the Connecticut River, at a Flower of Life River Retreat Branding Immersion. Ask us about this option.

If you are serious about authenticity, and ready to walk up to the edge, fearlessly—Flower of Life Creative is your team.

Creative coaching, editing and design—held in a container of love and transformation.


Women have been gathering in circles for eons, and now is an important time in our history to become fully empowered in our essence so that we can collectively change the vibration of the planet.

This energy inspires me to pull our tribe together and create transformational books and brands that can be marketed collaboratively—with women's voices at the core. We are a family of authors, supporting and uplifting each other.

The collective energy of our tribe will be powerful leverage as we build audience and get more eyes on our mission and voices. The most powerful sales tool is word of mouth...and Flower of Life Press was conceived as a way to enter the conversation and expand the tribe of truth seekers and truth tellers. 

Marketing is an action—a flow of energy that must shift as quickly as the vehicle of communication changes. (Remember only 10 or 15 years ago? No Facebook, Instagram, or smartphones.) The right marketing creates a vibration—this is the "buzz" that attracts customers and readers.  It can mean everything to success—or accomplish nothing. It can be viral...or just a virus. 

Flower of Life Press believes that seeds of truth will bear fruit—so the messaging must vibrate with the authors authentic voice and radiate with a compelling visual expression. 

Flower of Life Press will use every form of social media to create the buzz for our authors. We also market our authors through our Flower of Life Radio Show, as well as through regular webinars, social media campaigns, and live events. For our "breakout" authors, we work with our publicity partners to build the kind of campaign that will rock the world!

As you step into greater levels of visibility and leadership with your new book or brand, know that you are fully supported and that Flower of Life Press cares about getting your message out into the world, and into the right hands.

Flower of Life Press Marketing—Building your platform with energy and authenticity.