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Releasing April, 2020


Hello dear sister! This is a personal invitati0n for you to participate in the 6th collaborative book in the New Feminine Evolutionary series, along with 20 sisters who are here to change the vibration of the world with their words. I support your message, and it is my honor to birth your voice out into the world so you can make the impact required at this time on the planet. Thank you for joining me on this mission to RAISE WOMXN’S VOICES ALL OVER THE PLANET!


“Sovereign Unto Herself: Release Co-dependencies
and Claim Your Authentic Power”

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Sometimes it seems that just when I think I have it together, I get thrown off of my path—like running gracefully through a field of roses and stepping into a gopher hole you never expected to be there in the midst of your blissful journey. Feeling good. Doing the work. Running with the roses—then bang! I’m doing a face-plant into thorns and dirt!

Whoa, girl! Something requires your attention! Time to go deeper….

What does it mean to be sovereign?

There is a web of codependency that operates beneath your daily awareness; the seeds of discontent and powerlessness were planted even before you were born, generational traumas and habits passed down to you through DNA and energetic blocks. 

These fears and beliefs can haunt your very existence, and most parents unwittingly reinforce them through their own stories and behavior. Anger, abuse, chemical dependencies, and social “rules” all work to build your belief system, in essence creating a “box” that controls every decision and action—limiting success in relationships as well as hindering the personal evolution and presence that we seek. 

By examining these co-dependencies, the New Feminine Evolutionary can connect challenges with solutions, clearing the path towards a state of sovereignty and the freedom that the right use of power can create.


Signs of co-dependency include:

  • Having difficulty making decisions in a relationship

  • Having difficulty identifying your feelings

  • Having difficulty communicating in a relationship

  • Valuing the approval of others more than valuing yourself

  • Lacking trust in yourself and having poor self-esteem

  • Having fears of abandonment or an obsessive need for approval

  • Having an unhealthy dependence on relationships, even at your own cost

  • Having an exaggerated sense of responsibility for the actions of others

I bet this list hit home with you; I know it did for me!

My lineage and relationships left deep impressions on me, and it wasn’t until that pesky gopher hole sabotaged my run-through-the-roses that I began to uncover my truth and fearlessly examine my own out-of-balance emotions. What I found was a huge wake-up around my most common issues:


Money: My lineage resonates at the energy of “lack and scarcity”—seemingly always dissatisfied with what they had and envious of those with “more”... 

Substance use: Nightly drinks were just too easy to say yes to. It had become habitual and numbing.

Self-love: Self-love? What’s that? Plus endless body shame, people-pleasing, and the fear of being judged.

Relationships: Unconscious co-dependencies and shadows at play...the power dynamics were off and I was filled with chronic anger and unhappiness.

Communication: I could not communicate my truth without clamming up and starting to cry—shame kept taking me down.

Real and radical responsibility: I outsourced my power to others and didn’t have a clue about my own intuition and inherent feminine wisdom. 


Think about it: we depend on our parents, teachers, and the social matrix to define us, depend on our partners to validate us, and we change our behavior to deal with these powerful elements.

Signs of codependency include excessive caretaking, controlling, and preoccupation with people and things outside of ourselves.
— Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, author of "Understanding Codependency"

Whether you are a “fixer”,  a “controller”, or just searching fruitlessly for your essence amidst the confusion of “self”—sovereignty will elude you until you untangle your unhealthy dependencies and find your true voice. 


When you are sovereign, you and your power become One.

When you are sovereign your choices reflect your higher power.

When you are sovereign relationships are balanced instead of codependent.

When you are sovereign you take responsibility for you and your actions without blame or judgment.

When you are sovereign you trust your intuition.

When you are sovereign the doorway to abundance swings wide open.


When I began to explore the concept of a new archetype, and created the “New Feminine Evolutionary," I imagined a series of conversationscollaborations fertilized with loving intention and filled with impactful insight and actionable advice. After 5 books, I’m proud of what we have accomplished, and the list of timely topics continues to show itself.

By examining sovereignty and the co-dependencies that undermine it, Flower of Life Press will bring a new band of leaders together—the voices of transformation sharing their stories and wisdom on this essential topic.

Do you dream of getting published? Here is your opportunity!

Whether you have received the seed of an idea or have had a lifelong dream of birthing your own best-selling book, a collaborative book is a beautiful stepping stone to ignite your passion and inform your future books! On this journey, you will be held in a safe, activating container of sisterhood, non-judgment, and unconditional love so that you can write the most potent essay that reflects your truth and speaks to your market!

Becoming a best-selling, published author will:

  • Increase your visibility, credibility, and profitability

  • Empower you to make an even bigger impact in the world

  • Provide you with a high-level product to sell and share

  • Inspire your next-level offerings and services

  • Set you apart from the crowd as an expert in your field

  • Open up the infinite field of possibilities for your growth

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A 90-min deep dive session with the publisher to strategize your content

  • 6 monthly group laser coaching calls on: writing, marketing, monetizing your book, growing your brand

  • Editing and design package

  • Bestseller launch campaign

  • Marketing package - email swipe copy, social media posts and promotional graphics for marketing your book - plus instructions on how to do it!

  • A private FB group author portal and chalice of sisterhood for ongoing support

  • You retain the rights to your chapter

  • You can purchase books at the wholesale price of $8, and sell them from your website or at events for $19.99

  • Royalties from online sales will be donated to a charity on behalf of all of the authors!


  • 3 monthly live group calls – post book release – for on-going marketing support and tips to monetize your book!

  • 60-minute masterclass on Intuitive Writing by Flower of Life Press author, Aurora Farber, Transformational Coach and Divine Feminine Leader

  • “Interview with the publisher” 10-min video for your website book page featuring you and your writing

You no longer need to go it alone!

It is possible to be seen and heard as a sovereign, confident, independent, empowered woman while being supported fully by each other—in a safe space based on non-judgment, love, and an honoring of who we are becoming—individually and collectively.

This book offers vulnerable insights and wisdom from 20 different voices of transformation, allowing the reader to come into alignment and get clarity around their OWN strengths and authentic power. Through our stories, we model how to serve from a full cup, rather than from depletion, while feeling completely held and supported as we unapologetically claim our truth, voice, and take a stand for womxn across the globe.

Writing Is A Transformational Journey…

So here's the best part! You do not have to be "a writer" in order to create a book and get published. At Flower of Life Press, we provide the guidance you need, including all editing and even ghostwriting services if necessary.

As your Book Doula, I'm here to witness your journey, support your process, hold your hand through it all, and provide a platform that elevates you and spreads your unique message as you step into the next level of your evolution and your leadership. Our mission at Flower of Life Press is to bring forth those voices of transformation that are desperately needed in the world today, so that you can make an even bigger impact on the world and be the leader you desire to be.

Watching Jane give birth to my book has been my ultimate lesson in what it means to Priestess. Jane has held a space that is bigger than you could possibly imagine for me and my co-authors to write our chapters for this book. She has shown up with so much integrity, honor, clarity, love, and style throughout the entire process, and through her own personal challenges and vulnerability, she has shown me what it means to truly sit in the fire. Thank you, Jane... I bow to you in reverence, honor and with so much respect.
— Ali Katz, Lawyer, Lightworker
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Jane holds such incredible presence for you to not only birth your book but to express the full message of your global work. She is a soul whisperer, an amazing mentor, and a gifted editor.
— Ingrid Arna, Leading 7-figure Strategist
Jane, thank you for awakening the Feminine Evolutionary in me, being an amazing publisher and for challenging women to share their vulnerable truth and stories through writing. I can hardly believe that by the end of this year, I’ll have contributed to 4 books with you! Knowing you has been such a blessing and has changed my life..and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Love you sister!!
— Aurora Farber, Transformational Coach


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I can't wait to support your impact on the world through your voice and wisdom!
Peace + Love,


Jane Ashley "Astara", MA, CHHC
CEO, Publisher, Flower of Life Press™