What happens when you mix an MBA with a holistic health coach and a wicked sense of humor? You get absurdly rational and easily applicable strategies to reclaim your health and live your life like a boss. 

In this irresistibly entertaining self-health book, Jill Ginsberg offers busy people like you a compelling new system for implementing wellness change. Utilizing strategies and tools you've already mastered in your professional life, Jill teaches you how to become the CEO of your own health. 

Simple exercises delivered with comedic insight and a no-holds-barred style will show you how to: 

  • Set SMARTy-pants goals 
  • Find your power-savings mode 
  • Diversify your food portfolio 
  • Pink slip your worries 
  • Stop feeling crappy and start feeling wealthy 

Nothing is more empowering than getting healthy--and nothing feels better than laughing your ass(et) off along the way. 

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Jill has several 3-letter certifications behind her name, such as MBA and MOM, but the one she's most known for having is OCD. As an author, coach, speaker and chief butt-patter in charge, she relishes order, tends to think in lists and doesn't mind telling it like it is.

After serving time in the trenches as a serial entrepreneur and former corporate manager, Jill combines her offbeat humor with her wellness and business knowledge to teach busy people everywhere how to run their lives like a boss. 

Her first book, Self-Made Wellionaire, was published in 2016. This entertaining self-help book proves that anyone can get healthy without driving themselves (and everyone else!) batshit crazy in the process. As an author, coach and speaker, she relishes order, tends to think in lists and doesn't mind telling it like it is.

She calls Seattle home and, aside from soaking up as much time as she possibly can with her three wild children, she loves exploring colorful new places, the solitude of early mornings, back scratches, hammocks, hot tubs, fresh air, bicycles, ooey gooey gluten-free baked goods and short (read: no) lines. 

Whether you’re looking to have a healthier relationship with food, reduce stress, increase energy, lose weight, or paint the walls chartreuse with beet juice… Jill can help you get wellthy the fun way.

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A fun approach to getting healthy, Self-Made Wellionaire uses simple business strategies to change how you approach improving your life, with small, actionable steps anyone can achieve.  

~Elizabeth Stein, Founder + CEO Purely Elizabeth, Author of Eating Purely

I just finished reading this book and was very pleased with the content. This is a fantastic and funny overall read that is in essence part self-help book, part how-to manual and part memoir. What makes this book unique is that it shows you how to take your health seriously without taking yourself too seriously in the process. It is an ideal blend of irreverent humor and practical implementation and I think it will appeal to a lot of people who know they want and need to make positive wellness changes in their life but don't know how to effectively get started and stay on track.

~D. Morgan

Whether you're the CEO of a company or CEO of your family kitchen, there s something here for you! Jill has taken the best of what she's seen work as an MBA-educated business person and combined it with her nutrition knowledge to deliver simple tips, actions and templates for life success. These practical steps are sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor that will keep you chuckling and engaged on your personal path to Self-made Wellionaire. A brilliant solution for combining the best of both worlds!  

~Sue Brown, Author of Simply Sugar Free: Six Simple Steps to Conquer Sugar Addiction


I've read tons of self help books that don't ever push me to action, but this one is brilliant. Jill is a genius for taking basic business tools and translating them to everyday life to get healthy. And with a nice dose of humor!  
~Sarina Godin, President, butter LONDON

Buy this book. You'll want to highlight, mark pages, and write your own notes as you create your path to wellness, and the library frowns on that, so you need to own it: just like Jill's step-by-step advice will have you owning your health. Recommended! 
~Anne Weiler, CEO and Co-founder, Wellpepper, Inc.