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Hello Sister!

THIS IS A PRIVATE INVITATION from me, Jane Ashley (CEO & Publisher of Flower of Life Press) to you—fellow members of eWomen network. I just returned from the eWoman conference in Dallas, and our global sisterhood has inspired me to bring forward this idea for collaboration!

My desire is for us to bring our voices and wisdom together in one vibration, where we can share the juicy, raw, and real life stories of our business journeys and pathways to success!

In today's fractious world, business women are saying yes to stepping forward to BE SEEN & HEARD, and together are creating NEW, sustainable pathways of leadership that serve the WHOLE.

Like bees in a hive, women naturally come together in community to shine, serve, and share their unique gifts while at the same time, transforming ourselves by building successful women-led businesses.

Here's the truth: you don't need to do it alone!!

It is possible to be SEEN & HEARD as a sovereign, confident, independent, empowered business woman while being supported fully by each other—in a system based on non-judgment, love, and an honoring of who we are becoming, individually and collectively.

This book offers vulnerable insights and wisdom from 25 different voices of women in business, allowing the reader to come into alignment and get clarity around their OWN strengths and authentic power. Through our stories, we model how to serve from a full cup, rather than from depletion, while feeling completely held and supported as we unapologetically claim our truth, voice, and take a stand for women across the globe.

Becoming a best-selling, published author will:

  • Increase your visibility, credibility, and profitability...

  • Empower you to make an even bigger impact in the world...

  • Provide you with a high-level product to sell and share...

  • Inspire your next level offerings and services...

  • Set you apart from the crowd as an expert in your field...

  • Open up the infinite field of possibilities for your growth!


Writing Is A Transformational Journey…

So here's the best part! You do not have to be "a writer" in order to create a book and get published. At Flower of Life Press, we provide the guidance you need, including all editing and even ghostwriting services if necessary.

As your Book Doula, I'm here to witness your journey, support your process, hold your hand through it all, and provide a platform that elevates you and spreads your unique message as you step into the next level of your evolution and your leadership. Our mission at Flower of Life Press is to bring forth those voices of transformation that are desperately needed in the world today, so that you can make an even bigger impact on the world and be the leader you desire to be.

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Do you dream of being a best-selling published author?
Here is your opportunity!

Whether you have received the seed of an idea or have had a life-long dream of birthing your own best-selling book, a collaborative book is a beautiful stepping stone to ignite your passion and inform your future books! On this journey, you will be held in a safe, activating container of sisterhood, non-judgment, and unconditional love. Join us!

Here’s what you’ll receive!

  • A deep dive session with the publisher to strategize your content

  • Monthly group laser coaching calls on: writing, marketing, monetizing your book, growing your brand

  • A private FB group author portal

  • All edits, design, production of approx. 200-page paperback and ebook versions

  • Marketing instructions, email swipe copy, and graphics for launch

  • Authors can purchase books at wholesale price of $8, and retail them from their websites or at events for $19.99

  • Author chapter submission is 2500 words

  • Book will publish in April, 2020

  • Each author retains the rights to her chapter

  • Royalties from online sales will be donated to the EWN Foundation on behalf of the authors!


* LIMITED AVAILABILITY - only 25 chapters available

EASY PAYMENT PLAN: $333/month x 9

or Pay in full: $2497 (save $500)

*additional option: Add your headshot to the cover for even more visibility!

~Choose 1 option from below~

Payment Plan (*WITH headshot on cover)
366.00 every month for 9 months
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Payment Plan (*NO headshot on cover)
333.00 every month for 9 months
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Questions? Book a chat with Jane HERE.

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Releasing Oct. 14, 2019

Releasing Oct. 14, 2019

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I can't wait to support your impact on the world through your voice and wisdom!
Peace + Love,


Jane Ashley "Astara", MA, CHHC
CEO, Publisher, Flower of Life Press™