Set Sail Collaborative Book Project (payment link at bottom)


Set Sail Collaborative Book Project (payment link at bottom)


Flower of Life Press is pleased to introduce the 5th Book in the New Feminine Evolutionary Series:

“Set Sail: Shine your radiance, activate your ascension,
ignite your income and liberate your legacy”

Group Online Writing Course and Collaborative Publishing Program for 20 women authors

Releasing on the full moon, August 2019

Sister, imagine becoming a best-selling published author by sharing your message in a chapter -collaboratively with other women inside of a beautifully designed, professionally edited, high-vibe book…all while in a potent container of sisterhood, so that you can increase your visibility and profitability, and live your legacy as the empowered leader you were meant to be...

See yourself holding your best-selling book, Set Sail: Shine your radiance, activate your ascension, ignite your income and liberate your legacy in your hand as a line of people wait for you to sign their does that feel?  

It's great to have a message, but if it's not heard, you’re not serving anyone!

Here’s an opportunity for you to Expand your visibility, Step into your leadership, and Elevate your own vibration and business success so that living your highest expression is more than just sustainable, but deeply rewarding financially, physically, and spiritually.

With this group writing course and collaborative book project, you will:

  • Get published with 20 other authors who will collaboratively market the book to their communities.

  • Be seen as a leading expert in your field.

  • Turn your message into income.

  • Shift your vibration so you can step into the next level of your evolution and leadership.

  • Birth this book and resurrect your divinely feminine power!

  • Write inside of a potent container of true, supportive sisterhood.

  • Don't let the music die in you—share your wisdom and leave a legacy!

You’ll receive:

  • 1x 60-min “Catalyze Your Content” Activation Call with Jane and customized 2019 publishing strategy. VALUE $500

  • 3x 60-min group calls: “3 secrets to Monetize your Book and brand as an author and bring in the bucks!”

  • Developmental edits and line edits, plus design and production of print book and ebook.

  • The finished product—a professionally edited and beautifully designed high-level book product—you own the rights to your content.

  • Authors can purchase books at wholesale bulk price to sell at personal events and on their  website.

  • Marketing Materials and instructions for promoting the book.

  • 10-min “Interview with the Publisher” video for your website.

  • Book graphic, book description for your website.

  • Author online LIVE Salon “Chat with the Authors” hosted by Flower of Life Press.

  • Invitation to participate in future Flower of Life Press LIVE events and book signings.



PAY IN FULL $1997 (SAVE $1000)*

*Only 3 spots at this special price

Plus, you’ll receive this PAY IN FULL BONUS: 1x 60-min healing session to clear limiting beliefs about speaking up and sharing your truth, and stepping into your power as an author. (VALUE $497)


Jane holds such incredible presence for you to not only birth your book but to express the full message of your global work. She is a soul whisperer, incredible mentor, and a gifted editor.

—Ingrid Arna, Leading 7-figure Strategist

Writing a chapter for Practice:Wisdom from the Downward Dog has been an exhilarating and expansive experience.  Jane, like an angel , was there throughout the process with everything i needed.  Whether it be reflective inspiration, validation, editing or nurturing she did so with intuitive kindness.  Her drive to share healing in a collective manner is heartwarming.  It has been an honor collaborate with everyone involved in creating this valuable treasure of a book.

—Michele Tsilhas

When you connect with a publisher via the miracle that is the internet, and the first thing she says is "Oh my goodness! It is as if I am looking in the mirror!", then you kinda know you are a match. Thank you Jane for your "Hell yes!!" on my vision, mission and story. I cannot wait to get this book baby out into the world! 


I collaborated with Jane on Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog. It was my first published work and I was a little tentative about the transparency I was writing with. Jane held space for my doubts, was constructive in her feedback and deeply communicative, supportive and efficient in a beautifully nurturing way. It was wonderful to have her kind-hearted container to reveal my work in and receive her input and assistance on parts I was finding tricky. She took the time to go through my chapter word by word. She gave me space when I needed it and held my hand when I needed that. Thank you Jane for continuing to show up to support writers like me in getting our voice heard. I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone who has worked with you, your loving effort and soulful dedication to this work is greatly appreciated.

—Kali Carmel Cathie, co-author of Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog

Jane, the inner child work was so powerful.  I had some tremendous healing and integrative experiences at the retreat related to my inner child.  Thank you for this beautiful precious gift. You are a wonderful healer and guide. How lucky I am to be working with you!  Deep deep gratitude…

—Sasanna Yee, co-author of Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog

Jane, thank you for awakening the Feminine Evolutionary in me, being an amazing publisher and for challenging women to share their vulnerable truth and stories through writing. I can hardly believe that by the end of this year, I’ll have contributed to 3 books with you! Knowing you has been such a blessing and has changed my life..and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way…you are amazing at helping people discover their inner wisdom thru writing and by creating containers (books!) for our authentic voice and message to be birthed. You've changed my life, helping me evolve more than I could ever have imagined. And it was inside me all along! So grateful! Love you sister!!

—Aurora Farber, co-author of Sacred Body Wisdom: Igniting the Flame of Our Divine Humanity, Pioneering the Path to Prosperity: Discover the Power of True Wealth and Abundance and The New Feminine Evolutionary: Embody Presence—Be the Change.

Jane has the ability to tap into a special creative place inside of her clients and authors. Her power to honor the process and provide guidance along the way comes from a genuinely heart-centered place, and you can feel that. She is an expander for me and any time spent with her is inspiring, encouraging, and joyful. It is such a blessing in my life, and a privilege, to know her and to have the opportunity to work with her. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed.

—Lauren D’Agostino

Watching Jane Ashley give birth to the book The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose has been my ultimate lesson in what it means to Priestess. Jane has held a space that is bigger than you could possibly imagine for me and my co-authors to write our chapters for this book. Jane has shown up with so much integrity, honor, clarity, love, and style through the entire process. And through her own personal challenges and vulnerability, she has shown me what it means to truly sit in the fire. Thank you Jane... I bow to you in reverence, honor and with so much respect.

—Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely, co-author of Pioneering the Path to Prosperity: Discover the Power of True Wealth and Abundance

Jane, it is such a privilege to work with you as the publisher and be part of the gifts that you are bringing into this world. Thank you for publishing The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess and for being so incredibly supportive and patient!

—Rebecca Cavender, co-author of Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess and The New Feminine Evolutionary: Embody Presence—Be the Change.

I'm awed by the way my writing was simplified yet sculpted carefully to keep my own words intact. I love it! And so my journey of writing and authoring books is being deeply cultivated; I shall continue this part of my journey with a much deeper appreciation of the process. I've completely enjoyed this entire process, including the immense opening up of transparency in sharing my awakening experience. Thank you so much for this priceless experience.

—Olana Barros, co-author of Path to Prosperity: Discover the Power of True Wealth and Abundance and The New Feminine Evolutionary: Embody Presence—Be the Change.

Jane, you are a golden key unlocking doors to expansion in so many people’s hearts, by supporting them to use their words and share their message with the world. 🌹Deep bows

—Julie McAfee, co-author of Sisterhood of the Mindful Goddess

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