The Power of Essential Oils:
Create Positive Transformation in your Well-being, Business, & Life

Compiled by Jane Ashley, with essays by 31 Top doTERRA Leaders


QUESTION: What do you get when you combine a natural product, a company dedicated to sharing the power of wellness, and the top tier of leaders who make it all happen?

ANSWER: This amazing book—a collaboration filled with stories of transformation and the solutions that essential oils can bring to you and your family.

The Power of Essential Oils: Create Positive Transformation in Your Well-Being, Business, and Life is a book that carries the power of essential oils and the voices of the leaders who define excellence and the commitment to wellness around the world—one drop of oil at a time! 31 top leaders in doTERRA open up their hearts and share the path that led them to choose essential oils as a passion—and as a career path! 



"The Power of Essential Oils" is an amazing book with two simple yet profound messages: 1) Essential oils can change your health and your life, and 2) If your heart is in the right place; if you are sharing oils to share health, you can't help but be successful. The women who have shared their success stories in this book are motivating and encouraging. Their stories are filled with a passion for healthy living and healthy loving and for sharing the "how to's" with others. They include thoughts on how to be a good leader, factors for success, etc. that we can all use whether we are essential oil users or not! I'd highly recommend this book to all!

~Lisa B.

The Power of Essential Oils is a fabulous compilation of wisdom for your journey to freedom and peace of mind. The inspirational stories will touch your heart, and the practical tools will fire you up to create excellence in all aspects of your life and business.

~Tamara G.
I was given a free digital copy and asked to read it and comment. I jumped on the chance to get the free copy and am so glad I did. This is not one long story by one person but a collective of short personal stories by DoTERRA essential oil users, sharers and builders sharing their story about how and why they came to using essential oils and the benefits and blessings emerging from their interests in bettering their lives and wellness. Reading their personal stories and leadership advice made me feel like I had walked into a room with all of the contributors sitting in a living room sharing their journies with each other and to sit down and join them. True DoTERRA fashion: sharing to benefit and help others.

This book couldn't have come at a better time for me as I've been in a slump and needing help to focus and rediscover "my why". I will buy a hard copy because I want to be able to highlight the encouraging quotes and thoughts shared that give me inspiration; great vision board material!
~Curtis M.