Menopause Mavens:
Master the Mystery of Menopause

Compiled by Jane Ashley, with essays by 25 Marvelous Mavens who have been there!

Menopause Mavens Book Cover.jpg

 A fun and serious look at the biggest change in a woman's life through the eyes of 25 women who have lived the experience and share their wisdom and insight across the world. The Menopause Mavens is a powerful group of women dedicated to two truths:

The more you know about perimenopause and menopause, the better your chance of finding your unique solution.

Together, women can not only survive menopause, but we can use the power of this sacred time in our lives to transform, find our purpose, and live our dreams.



Once I started to read this book, I didn't want to put it down. The 25 authors are so engaging, and each one of these brilliant women have their own unique story to tell. As Vanessa Chamberlin said “Menopause has many different faces. Some women I’ve spoken to describe menopause as a non-event. And for others it’s been just short of a nightmare.” They take you through a myriad of approaches, from traditional medicine to alternative medicine, with a lot of wonderful insight into how to naturally manage to be vibrantly alive through these changing years of a woman's life. Linda Vettrus-Nichols quotes Alan Watts who says, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” She also adds, "There is a gift in every challenge, and the beauty of menopause for me is how it became the portal for my own transformation....Even though I got stuck many times along the way, I eventually discovered and embodied seven spiritual truths that can reduce the emotional pain that can come up during the menopausal years." A must read! I highly recommend Menopause Mavens!

~Valerie H.
What a joy to read this compilation of 25 authors in Menopause Mavens to gift us the opportunity to laugh, cry, and, most importantly, relate to what menopause really looks like. I enjoyed Judy Ben-Asher’s chapter TruthSeeker: From Caregiver to Self- Care and her clear message that we can heal ourselves with dignity and grace. I appreciate and honor each woman who shared her personal story with such grace and intimacy with each other and us-the readers, both women and men, who will open their hearts to the messages received. Community is critical. Thank you Jane Ashley for having the insight and courage to share the truth. I truly enjoyed the book and will recommend it to others.
~Laura J.
An inspiring collection of stories by amazing women. Infused with each author’s personality and knowledge (and sometimes humor) Menopause Mavens is full of valuable insight. I had always hoped that when my time came, it would not be like my mother’s experience. And, thanks to these women, I am aware of so many alternatives to aid me in my journey; some that I’ve intuitively suspected (eliminate sugar, processed foods) and some that are defying conventional methods (bioidentical hormones). Thanks to Menopause Mavens, I do not dread the change. I will welcome it knowing I have the wisdom contained in these pages and the authors’ experiences to guide me and illuminate my path.
~DoeGirl J.

For many younger women, the topic of menopause remains surrounded by mystery and trepidation. They hear about hormone shifts and hot flashes. This book reflects on those "basics" - but also on so many other complex and often hidden dimensions of women's menopause experience. There's so much to learn from women's stories. The 25 chapters touch both personal and universal themes in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.There's sadness and solutions, fear and feminine wisdom, conformity, confusion, connection, and celebration. Jump in one chapter at a time and find resources, humor, and pathos. An great read for all women wherever they are on their life journey.

~Sandy M.