Best-selling book by Elayne Kalila Doughty and Rebecca Cavender


Imagine meeting a luminous woman who takes your hand and lovingly re-tells the story of the Priestess, igniting a remembrance of an ancient history hidden deep within you – and within all women.

Can you feel the imprint of the holy temples in your fingertips? Do you remember?

In this emotionally compelling mix of myth and spirit, The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess lays bare the story of the Priestess’ wounded past and weaves it into a declaration of freedom and liberation.

… A liberation that brings with it the birth of a new Divine Feminine archetype – The Alchemical Priestess – here to usher in a new paradigm of unconditional and radical love for these modern times.

Written in a uniquely poetic and lyrical voice – evoking the vibration of mystery and the power of women to persevere – this daring book will inspire you to remember who you truly are so that you can midwife a new collective consciousness of healing love on this planet.

Heart-opening and provocative, The Ancient Call of the Sacred Priestess is gorgeously designed in full-color and contains:
• Interactive rituals, meditations, and videos
• Direct transmissions from the Goddess
• Relevant spiritual guidance grounded in deeply raw, personal stories
• A stand-alone myth that poetically re-tells the herstory of the Priestess
• Description of the Alchemical Priestess and Her purpose
• Quiz to determine how “pregnant” you are with the Alchemical Priestess

Two best-selling authors, Elayne Kalila Sophia and Becky Cavender, co-created this revolutionary book.

As an ordained Priestess, Gatekeeper of the Priestess Presence Temple, and a psychotherapist, Elayne shares her deep wisdom of the Mysteries while holding you in a safe, sacred space. Becky – a professional and intuitive writer – captures the loving essence of Elayne’s experiences and transforms it into narrative prose and poetry. Together, they bring over 50 years’ of devoted service, working to empower women’s lives.

This book is an offering of deep, loving devotion from the Goddess to you. It was written for you. It belongs to you. 

Come, discover how you can be part of the universal dream of unconditional love.


What people are saying...

Beautifully written and Divinely inspired...this book has opened up doorways for me through it's vibrant and poetic language of what it truly means to reclaim the Divine Feminine within ourselves and in our world. The potent realization that the Divine Feminine is within all of us, and that we become her hands and embody her spirit by waking up to who we really are. We are everywhere, living in devoted service in all that we do. This book provides deep, concrete descriptions of what it means to walk as the Divine Feminine in this world...and includes deep work. "She is asking us to deepen our courage and stand in our humanity....The Alchemical Priestess knows life is not perfect and she destroys this false image and asks us to truly heal the wound of needing to be perfect in order to be loved and valuable.....It take fierce courage to shatter the "perfect" image". This transmission from the Divine is life changing. Thank you for the gift of this work Elayne Kalila Doughty and Becky Cavender! ~GInger H.


A sacred tale... This book is divine feminine transmission. Poetry of the soul. Embodied prayer. Transformative elixir. An ancient call, beckoning us to awaken to the truth of who we are (and who we are becoming), to remember our essence, to open ourselves to the path of devotion. I read it aloud, as a love song, and it captivated my heart. Elayne Kalila Sophia and Becky invite us to journey to the sacred within us and within all and to welcome the Alchemical Priestess archetype into our souls and the soul of the world. ~Melissa


More than just a book-Nourishment for the Feminine Soul- a Powerful call of Awakening... Elayne Kalila Doughty and Becky Cavender have given a great gift to the planet by writing such an extrordinarily beautiful book of remembrance and wisdom from the lens of the modern day priestess. The book is like nourishment for the feminine soul, each page opening up poetic portals of ancient future memories and deep guidance. The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess - Birthing a new Divine Feminine Archetype is more than just a book. It is rich with extra hidden ceremonial offerings and ritual to imprint an embodied experience of the temples of ancient times. It is a powerful call to women across the world to awaken to their own connection to the Goddess and step forward in activated heart centered service- as emissaries for a new paradigm on this one precious Earth. ~Eden Amadora


A true treaure... I was so excited when I was given an excerpt of The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess to read before it was finished. I’ve been waiting in great anticipation for today to read the rest of this enchanting gem of a story. The Sacred Call is a poetic, beautiful and transformative tale that arouses a place deep in the reader’s heart. It is interactive as we are asked to light a candle, drop in and truly listen. It is a meditative, stirring remembrance of a higher connection, She, the Goddess, Great Mother, Mama Gaia; it tells the truth of where we came from and the hope and possibility of what is happening now, a rebirthing through those of us who hear the call. This tome describes an awakening of the collective consciousness of healing love, the rekindling of the light in our hearts and a wellspring of reminders of who we truly are. What is birthed from our silence as the alchemical Priestess is pure joy, ecstasy and delight as we shine love into the world….for ourselves, for all our brothers and sisters and for our blessed planet. What an incredible read…not at all at once…savored in bits and pieces over and over again. It is time. ~d4syth