Best-selling Book #3 in the New Feminine Evolutionary Series

What a beautiful book. The women’s stories and insights were clear and prescient for exactly what we are all confronting in life. I particularly loved the conversational style as though we were sitting over coffee and spilling the stuff together. No lecturing or expert-jargon. The ideas of listening to our bodies and the wisdom of our own inner self is not new, but somehow, we continue to be supported and uplifted to come back to ourselves because it is just so easy to get lost in our own everyday lives. We forget about this crucial dialogue with ourselves. We lose connection. Then everything begins to fall apart and we have to backtrack to figure out why. So this book brings us back. No matter where you are, there is a story or three for you here.

Do you love your body? Let’s be honest.

Women have made huge strides in the last few years—rediscovering our lost voices, connecting with each other around the fire circle, and collectively calling out those who have used their power to keep women in silent bondage. Even with all the turmoil in our world, at this time in our history, women are on fire!

And, there is one big elephant still in the room, right?

We are dissociated from the wisdom of our bodies, more often treating our sacred body temple with disdain rather than love.

We envy “skinny” and are ashamed by “fat”. We diet endlessly, cleanse regularly, and feel guilty when we don’t exercise—doubting ourselves as we cast envious glances at those who seem to have it together…

Sisters, the time is now...

… to get still and venture inward to discover and embody the wisdom of our feminine vessel.

… to create safety and self-acceptance.

… to end separation and comparison with each other, and instead find sovereignty and equanimity inside of community.

… to hold ourselves in the highest vibration of love so that we can hold others there, too.

This cycle of shame must come to an end before a woman can truly embody and embrace life—and her power as the creatrix of her grid.

Evolution encompasses both the spirit AND our body temple. In this book, the authors share vulnerable stories and strategies to access our deepest layers of truth, shift mindsets, and share the vital life nutrients and practical steps necessary to create change in the 3D, so that we can reach the level of vitality and energy that our evolution requires. An abundant lifestyle awaits us all!

“As a woman, until recently, I had always struggled with my body—and I see now how deeply this affected my happiness and kept me from being present and fully embracing my life and potential.

As a Publisher, the need for this conversation is obvious, since body image and self love strike so deeply in our collective soul. Flower of Life Press is ready to uncover and alchemize the shame we carry and the guilt we feel, and offer the voices of transformation—feminine leaders and healers who share their wisdom and guidance to help others meet this dark energy and bring light to their path forward.”

~Jane Ashley, Publisher

Featuring contributions from: Rima Bonario, Allison Conte, Lainie Love Dalby, Dana Damara, Aurora Farber, Cristina Laskar, Steph Ritz, Lettie Sullivan, Bernadette Pleasant, ILOV GRATE, Lynette Cannon, Patricia Wald-Hopkins, Rochelle Schieck, Kimberly Simms, Jeanne Adwani, Eden Davis, Zahava Griss, Mara Sussman, Katie Sullivan, Nadia Munla, Windy Cook, Shannon Lee Nickerson, Dena Otrin, Elisha Clark-Halpin.