A New Feminine Evolutionary Book

Available on Amazon July 27, 2018


Ask yourself this...

What does abundance mean to you?

  • Having more than you need?
  • Expensive shoes?
  • A fancy car that might impress your neighbors?

How about something different? 

  • A family rich with connection and empathy?
  • Freedom to share your gifts and serve those who are in need?
  • A community of like-minded beings who support you on your journey?
  • All of the love you have ever wanted, to give and receive?

This collaborative book - second in The New Feminine Evolutionary Series - tells the story of 25 leaders—people who personify the myriad of fractals that embody the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Healers, Medicine men and women, Artists, Quantum guides, Activists—and the work they are doing to break free of old belief systems in order to become the creator of their lives, bringing forth a new definition of abundance and success for these changing times.

Books about money are usually, well, about money… strategies to make more using a matrix mindset, usually focused on using money to make money. However, for the audience of sisters and brothers who are redefining their relationship with money to reflect the new paradigm, this sometimes misses the point—the journey begins well before that, right? As a publishing house, Flower of Life Press is committed to bringing voices of transformation to the conversation.

Join us as we redefine the current model of success, and reprogram to find a more truthful and authentic reflection of abundance, thereby freeing spirit to flow, and raising our resonance to receive abundance without judgment and from a place of self-love. 

Here is the big difference between dollar bills and real abundance: Money can get you stuff that may make you look satisfied, on the outside... Abundance will make you whole and vital on the inside—and when you are at peace and aligned with your highest power and guidance, money will flow into your world, and take care of what you need to prosper in the world we live in. 

You have the power to alchemize dollar bills into true, amazing abundance, fulfillment, and love. Evolution is your choice. 


Featuring contributions from: 

Ali Shanti, Elayne Kalila Doughty, Samantha Sweetwater, Alexandra Pallas, Cora Poage, Tanya Lynn, Rima Bonario, Alok Ananda, Lainie Love Dalby, Mia Luz, Maribeth Morrissey, Scott Watrous, Easula Sedlmaier, Megan Luther, Alis Mao, Aurora Farber, Grace Lawrence, Amanda Patti, Olana Barros, Gavin Pauley, Allison Conte, Steph Ritz, Kate Mulder, Cristina Laskar, Nicole Hemmer