Best-selling Book #2 in the New Feminine Evolutionary Series

This book shows an innovative way to relate to finances and prosperity. Through touching personal experiences and detailed accounts of emotional processing around money stories, I felt like my money issues lifted as I read this book. Thank you for the gem of a read!
— Anita Kopacz
This book is refreshing because each courageous author writes authentically about their tribulations and triumphs around money. They include the sensitive subjects of self-worth, pleasure, and relationships. Reading these colorful stories will open a doorway to a more satisfying connection with money and life. The experiential exercises reveal the essential truth that you are enough. As an economist, I know the power of numbers, and yet the stories behind them are where the true value lies. This is the most fascinating compilation of money stories that I have read, and will forever change the way you look at what wealth and prosperity means to you.
— SL
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Featuring contributions from: Alexis Neely/Ali Shanti, Tanya Lynn, Alis Mao, Alokananda, Olana Barros, Rima Bonario, Allison Conte, Lainie Love Dalby, Dana Damara, Aurora Farber, Samantha Sweetwater, Nicole Hemmer, Cristina Laskar, Grace Lawrence, Amanda Leigh Patti, Megan Luther, Mia Luz, Maribeth Morrissey, Kate Mulder, Alexandra Pallas, Gavin Pauley, Cora Poage, Steph Ritz, Easula Sedlmaier, Samantha Sweetwater, and  Scott Watrous.

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