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In this 10-minute guided meditation, Shirley leads you through an introduction to loving kindness. This meditation opens your heart to self-love, acceptance, self-compassion, kindness and self-care. Studies show that practicing loving-kindness meditation regularly and progressing through loving kindness for the self and to others has profound self-healing benefits, strengthening the immune
system and increasing positive feelings.

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Join Dana Damara every month, in the comfort of your own home, for New and Full Moon practices, meditation, and sacred ritual using oils and crystals, to connect you deeper to your truth and alignment with the Moon and Her cycles!

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If you’re a yoga teacher or someone very passionate about yoga, I’d be honored to help you expand beyond your ‘on the mat’ practice to create a fulfilling holistic yogic lifestyle. This lifestyle allows you to be happier, more accepting of others, more content and it can improve your health. My students get to enjoy more confidence, feel centered and empowered, and are more able to make decisions and trust their intuition. Do you want the freedom to create your dream yoga career and lifestyle? What is preventing you from manifesting your dreams? Many teachers after graduation struggle to move forward in their yoga career. Either they lack business and marketing skills or don’t have the support to get out there and offer their services. 

Do you want to teach yoga classes with more confidence?
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This Mentorship can be your day of Independence, too!

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Here is a FREE Guided Psoas Meditation for you.



Being in the Now: A calming yoga practice

Experience a grounding yoga practice to help you be in the present and release anxiety. As you tune into your body, accumulated tension will release, your nervous system will calm down, and your body and mind will feel calmer. Calmness-inducing yoga postures and breathing techniques coupled with affirmations will uplift your spirit. This video gift includes approximately 30 minutes of gentle yoga and 5 minutes of guided visualization. www.uniquesplendor.com/free-gift 


Please enjoy this free audio practice gift for learning to stay with what is. By revisiting this guided visualization you will notice a shift in the perspective through which you have been viewing that which is uncomfortable, anxiety-provoking, or just seemingly wrong. With practice, you will connect to the deeper levels of truth within you, allowing that which is actually seeking to emerge through you at this time to do so. Even in the darkest and hardest of moments, the next level of light within you is seeking to emerge. Use this link: kalicathie.com/free-gift/


A 16-minute audio guided journey with music “Breathing through the Storms” that moves awareness systematically through the body, then connects you to your breathing and inner landscape with sounds of the ocean. You practice using your breath as a resource to hold you steady through emotional and physical storms. Listen here: www.yogatogo.com/imi.php


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Enjoy this healing meditation from Michelle. 


Lee Kemter is offering two special gifts so you can engage more deeply and completely with the practice in this chapter: a video with a detailed explanation of the practice, plus an audio recording in which Lee, herself, reads this chapter. Listening to Lee’s soothing voice promotes a deeper level of assimilation, which can help you make this practice truly yours. Experience how Lee’s expert guidance and gentle way can support you to move through life’s complexities with calm, clarity, and confidence. Access your two gifts at www.leekemter.com/practice.

Dear one, this song is about honoring the innocent place inside of each one of our hearts. It is about honoring the child and coming back into wholeness and into grace. I wrote it for my own heart and there I found all hearts. Sat nam. Listen here: https://youtu.be/al-nw9qY2zo

Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds brings you insight and inspiration from health and healing experts who cured themselves and others despite dire medical prognoses from over twenty illnesses including cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. Enhance the power to heal yourself through natural healing techniques and awareness in order to comfortably, energetically, and joyfully live your passions. Fatal pronouncements do not have to be your fate. Get your free chapter of Avital’s Book, Healing Happens at www.healinghappensforyou.com.

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