The Power of Essential Oils: Create Positive Transformation in Your Well-Being, Business, and Life

Compiled by Hayley Hobson & Jane Ashley
With essays from 31 Top Feminine Leaders in Natural Health & Essential Oils


What do you get when you combine a natural product, a company dedicated to sharing the power of wellness, and the top tier of leaders who make it all happen?


This amazing book—a collaboration filled with stories of transformation and the solutions that essential oils can bring to you and your family.

The Power of Essential Oils: Create Positive Transformation in Your Well-Being, Business, and Life is a book that carries the power of essential oils and the voices of the leaders who define excellence and the commitment to wellness around the world—one drop of oil at a time! Under the guidance of top earner Hayley Hobson and Wellness Advocate Jane Ashley, 31 top leaders in dōTERRA open up their hearts and share the path that led them to choose essential oils as a passion—and as a career path!


In the spirit of service to those in need of the power of essential oils, all profits from Amazon sales will be contributed to dōTERRA’s
Healing Hands Foundation. Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.



The Authors


Jane Ashley, Publisher and Author

 Emily Roberts Bigelow,  Author

Emily Roberts Bigelow, Author

 Ebony Dee Cheyne,  Author

Ebony Dee Cheyne, Author

 Melyna Harrison,  Author

Melyna Harrison, Author

 Betsy Holmes,  Author

Betsy Holmes, Author

 Laura Jacobs,  Author

Laura Jacobs, Author

 Rommy Kirby,  Author

Rommy Kirby, Author

 Hayley Hobson,  C0-compiler and Author

Hayley Hobson, C0-compiler and Author

 Cherie Burton,  Author

Cherie Burton, Author

 Rachel Feldman,  Author

Rachel Feldman, Author

 Rebecca Hintze,  Author

Rebecca Hintze, Author

 Brianne Hovey,  Author

Brianne Hovey, Author

 Rachel Jones,  Author

Rachel Jones, Author

 Kierston Kirschbaum,  Author

Kierston Kirschbaum, Author

 Kelly King Anderson,  Author

Kelly King Anderson, Author

 Merideth Cohrs,  Author

Merideth Cohrs, Author

 Natalie Goddard,  Author

Natalie Goddard, Author

 Laura Holbrook,  Author

Laura Holbrook, Author

 Karen S. Hudson,  Author

Karen S. Hudson, Author

 Krista Kehoe,  Author

Krista Kehoe, Author

 Heather Madder,  Author

Heather Madder, Author

 Sharon McDonald,  Author

Sharon McDonald, Author

  Ashlie Pappas, Author

Ashlie Pappas, Author

  Katie Sullivan, Author

Katie Sullivan, Author

 Shauna Wetenkamp,  Author

Shauna Wetenkamp, Author

 Crystal Nyman,  Author

Crystal Nyman, Author

 Karina Sammons,  Author

Karina Sammons, Author

 Kelly Taylor,  Author

Kelly Taylor, Author

 Cachay Wyson,  Author

Cachay Wyson, Author

 Jenn Oldham,  Author

Jenn Oldham, Author

 Marcy Snodgrass,  Author

Marcy Snodgrass, Author

 Kacie Vaudrey,  Author

Kacie Vaudrey, Author