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Astara (Jane Ashley), Publisher

I have always seen the world as a canvas, and my education as a psychotherapist and as a designer centers on merging emotion and form, layers of texture and energy merged into a statement of visual essence. Scott puts words to everything he feels, and I paint the picture that takes form in my heart, defining our clients with truth and their own reflection. I love this work! With our pathway clear, Flower of Life Press and Flower of Life Creative become the dynamic container for the conscious evolution we all share.

I am many other things besides a Publisher—mom to 3 girls, daughter, sister, wife, friend, and daughter in law. All of the push and pull women face everyday keeps me moving at lightening speed, holding space for all that life brings—soccer and softball, dance competitions and band concerts, everyday looking for time to just be me. 

I believe in the power of sisterhood, and I am totally committed to honoring the Divine Feminine in each of us, and holding the highest vibration of love for ourselves and the planet. That is my calling. Being a Publisher is a dream, and a responsibility. I am ready. 

Scott Watrous, Chief Strategist

When I met Jane Ashley, my career in book publishing was almost 25 years old. Looking back, I had a love/hate relationship with my job. I loved the books, and business strategy flowed easily. I hated the bullshit, playing the chess board of company politics only by burying my heart deep in my soul. When I left, I knew I would be back, but on my terms, my own evolution guiding me to the right moment—that synchronistic spark that aligns you and the Universe into one energy. 

Flower of Life Press was formed with alchemy, defined with purpose, and dusted with magical light. Our work building brands and giving vision a frame brought a deeper intuitive connection, and Spirit illuminated the pathway. We are ready to step into the next phase of our lives. The time is right.