Women have been gathering in circles for eons, and now is an important time in our history to become fully empowered in our essence so that we can collectively change the vibration of the planet.

This energy inspires me to pull our tribe together and create transformational books and brands that can be marketed collaboratively—with women's voices at the core. We are a family of authors, supporting and uplifting each other.

The collective energy of our tribe will be powerful leverage as we build audience and get more eyes on our mission and voices. The most powerful sales tool is word of mouth...and Flower of Life Press was conceived as a way to enter the conversation and expand the tribe of truth seekers and truth tellers. 

Marketing is an action—a flow of energy that must shift as quickly as the vehicle of communication changes. (Remember only 10 or 15 years ago? No Facebook, Instagram, or smartphones.) The right marketing creates a vibration—this is the "buzz" that attracts customers and readers.  It can mean everything to success—or accomplish nothing. It can be viral...or just a virus. 

Flower of Life Press believes that seeds of truth will bear fruit—so the messaging must vibrate with the authors authentic voice and radiate with a compelling visual expression. 

Flower of Life Press will use every form of social media to create the buzz for our authors. We also market our authors through our Flower of Life Radio Show, as well as through regular webinars, social media campaigns, and live events. For our "breakout" authors, we work with our publicity partners to build the kind of campaign that will rock the world!

As you step into greater levels of visibility and leadership with your new book or brand, know that you are fully supported and that Flower of Life Press cares about getting your message out into the world, and into the right hands.

Flower of Life Press Marketing—Building your platform with energy and authenticity.