Kind Words...


Watching Jane S. Ashley give birth to the book The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose has been my ultimate lesson in what it means to Priestess. Jane has held a space that is bigger than you could possibly imagine for me and my co-authors Rose Cole, Annie Lalla, Jennifer Russell, Jena la Flamme, Julie McAfee, Jessica Cornejo Gallegos, Elayne Kalila Doughty, and Sofiah Thom to write our chapters for this book. Jane has shown up with so much integrity, honor, clarity, love, and style through the entire process. And through her own personal challenges, she has shown me what it means to truly sit in the fire.

Thank you Jane... I bow to you in reverence, honor and with so much respect.

~ Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely,,

Jane S. Ashley, it is such a privilege to work with you as the publisher and be part of the gifts that you are bringing into this world. Thank you for publishing The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess and for being so incredibly supportive and patient!

~Rebecca Cavender,, author of Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess

All I can say is that working with Jane and Scott was a WOW from my perspective. Together they are a powerhouse team. From the first time I met them, I felt so deeply seen for who I am, my work, my gifts and my abilities. Scott has amazing intuitive abilities and has clear psychic vision. I felt SO loved up and I loved the fact that my brand and my business would be built from this place of being seen for who I really truly am. It felt right to me in every way.

Not only was I seen for who I am, Jane felt into the colours, the fonts and texts and brought my brand to life. I love my brand because I jive with it in the very core of my soul. It makes me happy to see the website, to see the colours and how it looks all put together. They took all the bits and pieces of what I ‘did’ and put it together in one WHOLE. Never in my wildest dreams would i have thought of Modern Medicine Woman, but that is WHAT I am.

They have helped me put my book together, come up with a 5 year business outlook and the programs to unfold from this new platform. I couldn’t be happier or more thrilled.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

~ Muneeza Akhtar Ahmed,

I appreciate Jane Ashley's clarification that the pause, the silence we experience with our clients is the time for them to access their heart.

It is so much easier for me to hold this safe space for my clients when I say to myself... ah, I am waiting for her/his heart to speak. The sensation I hold in my body is that I am willing to wait an eternity for this heart in front of me to find her/his voice.

I feel our heart's story is what is needed to heal ourselves and heal our world. The kindest act I can give with the least amount of effort, is to silently wait for the person who I am honored to be with in this present moment to connect and share what they are feeling in their heart. What a gift they give me with their sharing, healing us both through speaking.

I love this "work"! Very helpful. Thank you, Jane!

~ D. Hackett

Jane and Scott are the bomb.  I was unsure at first whether I had it in me to write my first book. They made is so easy. They had a plan. They believed in me.  Much gratitude to two of my new best friends after our wonderful 6 months together.

~ Hayley Hobson,

Scott, thank you for being the fire in my belly and for bringing order to my thoughts, channeling my messages and connecting with me in the ethereal. Your magic spreads seeds of inspiration and fairy dust.

Thank you, Jane, for breathing my words to life like a maestro using symbols, color and storylines—building notes of beauty resonating on the page. You are a magician and the muse in my heart.

Scott and Jane, without you both, I would have never have finished this book nor explored the deeper depths of my soul.

~ Juliette Taylor,

I LOVED working with Jane and Scott! They developed a brand and business plan for me that truly capture the essence of who I am and my passion for helping recover kids and moms from "almost autism". The branding is beautiful, and the colors and design intuitively convey the empathy and compassion I have for my clients. I am amazed at their ability to translate who I am and what I do into something that people can look at and understand me without having to read a single word. It was a joy and a pleasure to work with them, and I highly recommend them!

~ Maria Rickert Hong,

Jane, I will never forget that moment in my kitchen when you looked right at me and said, “You have to write a book, Vanessa!” It was your belief in me that sparked the birth of my book. Thank you for your ongoing guidance during this journey. I love you, soul sister.

Scottyou have championed me, my business and my book from the very beginning. It was you who had the brilliant idea to dub my way of eating “PlantFire.” Thank you both for seeing the fiery passion that I felt in life and creating a brand and a book to match!

~ Vanessa Chamberlin,

Jane Ashley and Scott Watrous make a great team. You will be amazed at how they pull out your truest essence in defining your brand and the work you are meant to do in this world.

~ Jennifer Bugajsky,

When Jane and Scott offered their branding intensive, I knew I was ready. Before the session, I answered a series of questions and sent them all my writing material. During our session not only was I struck by how much work they had done on me, prior to our session, but they poured into me like best friends would. Branding is not only about logos and great tag lines, it’s about working with an individual or a company’s values. It’s about working from the inside-out and understanding the WHY so your customers or clients can connect with you on another level. Jane and Scott did just that and more. They listened, they asked, they gave and kept working on my brand until we were all happy with the end result. Where can you find passionate creators like that?! If you are thinking about re-branding or even starting out a new business, do it right and do it with Jane and Scott.

~ Zaheen Nanji, NLP Practitioner 

You guys are yum! So loved the branding session I had with you both! And Judy Ben-Asher was beside herself with joy after her session. You both are a true gift to the planet!!

~ Alysa Rushton Alban, Magnetic Messengers Academy

Join this creative process with Jane and will be filled with gratitude!

~ Julie McAfee,

I want to give some love and such respect to Jane Ashley & Scott Watrous! They are our creative team for the film TruthSeeker and our book. They do branding, publishing and creative. I just have to say how constantly blown away and amazed I am with what they come up with! I have never met more kind, generous, loving and talented people!! Love them!!  

~ Judy Ben-Asher,

Meeting Jane and Scott was meant to be! From the onset there was a desire to create in a collaborate effort. Jane and Scott’s approach is a journey towards the true essence and passion of an individuals brand. From colors to concept, there’s a flow of energy and intention that exists in developing the final project. It is about persistence, creative conversations, and diligence from a committed and spirited pair. Jane and Scott will drive you to an authentic expression of yourself as it seeps through their words, creative display and messaging. Every detail is considered!

Recommending Jane Ashley and Scott Watrous is a no brainer!!! Get Real on where you spend your marketing $$ and your valuable time! It should be with Jane and Scott. 

~ Marie Mozzi,

I LOVE my brand! I had a 'chance' meeting with Jane on a train and she "friended" me on Facebook. For over a year I followed Jane on Facebook and was in awe of her creative mind processes. My health coaching business was floundering. I knew in my heart that my business could use new energy, new ideas, new life but my head and wallet were saying something different. I took the leap and signed up for their 1-day branding immersion. And during that time I received their brain child, my brand!  Scott's brilliant inspiration and Jane's artistic flair and support are a great combination! I highly recommend their collaboration for your brand and business strategy. They reach to the core of your authenticity and pull out your business essence and put that essence into beautiful marketing words. I LOVE my brand! Thank you Jane and Scott!     

 ~ Missy Murphy, CT.

Although I couldn’t see it clearly, my purpose has been with me along but it took the laser shifting genius of Jane and Scott to take off my blinders…I feel like you guys took my head in your hands and shifted my view subtly to reveal the entire universe! If you’re looking for your life’s work but you just can’t quite see it, let Jane and Scott do their magic with you. What a gift!

~ Leslie Raznick, WA.

Hiring Jane Ashley was one of the best decisions I have made in my business.  My experience with Jane has been so unique and outstanding.  She not only supports you and your business with top-notch branding and design, but truly has a gift in seeing your vision.  She holds a space for the song in your heart to emerge through the designs she creates and when you see the final result you will feel like singing from the rooftops.  She builds a relationship with you that will support your whole business structure to maximize your reach and your success.  Working with Jane once will turn into you hiring her for life. I know I have!

~ Rebecca Matias,

I was a little nervous about the branding process because I didn't know what to expect. I hired Jane because I was all over the place trying to bring my brand into clarity.

It turns out the branding process was easier than I thought it would be starting with the very first call with Jane. She allowed me the opportunity to put into words all the things that were in my head but could never bring to life, and I was able to boldly declare who I wanted to serve. It turned out to be a very empowering process.

Since launching my brand, my leads have increased more than I expected and I've seen significant business growth—not only in leads but in my own confidence and direction.

~ Debbie Burns,

My incredibly soulful publisher, Jane Ashley, literally and figuratively helped deliver my book into the world. When Jane and I met, we just knew there was a reason and something special would be born of it ... we met at exactly the right place at the right time, none of which was planned or could have been predetermined. A huge thank you to Jane and her team, for adding a magic touch to this creative expression of truth.

~ Amanda Johnson,