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Your Journey to Self-Expression...



Creativity exists in all of us. Our job is to find your spark and true voice, and give you the tools to create your book or brand. By joining us on your journey—letting our imagination and intention merge with yours—the fire in you will burn brighter and reflect clearly who you are and where you want to go with your message in your business and personal life. 

New Life Chapter One


With almost 45 years of experience in publishing, sales, design and marketing, books run deep in our blood. Our passion is fueled by the voices and purpose of our authors as expressed in print, websites and social media outlets. As your partner, we build you a unique container and present it to the world with style, pride and love.

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Flower of Life Press is committed to our authors, collaborators and tribe of evolving readers. We believe in your potential, and our business will evolve with you, utilizing every available tool to maximize your impact and attract the clients and readers who will resonate with your message. We are here to serve you. 

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Proceeds from your purchase are being donated to The Pachamama Alliance (!

Are you ready to embrace the New Feminine Evolution?

A new woman is emerging from the darkness—strong, determined, flowing with primordial power—fearlessly facing her demons… 

The New Feminine Evolutionary is a ground breaking book: revealing in total for the first time the deep essences that run throughout this movement of women who are changing the world. This book is bold, fearless, and resonates with honesty. Each author brings her unique slice of essence to a chapter with stories and wisdom, as a special gift to the reader—reaching out a hand and lighting the way for her to step onto the path of transformation.

Forged around the fire circle, this woman stands ready to step forward, fully embodied, carrying the torch of transformation to all those courageous enough to evolve…

This collaborative book, The New Feminine Evolutionary, tells the story of 25 pioneers—women who personify the Divine Feminine: Healers. Medicine women. Artists. Quantum guides. Activists. 

She is US—created out of the forces of change—the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone. She is the woman next door.

It is time to declare your power, time to remember our sacred mother, Gaia… time to add your voice and define who you are—and what you are doing to bring the resonance of love to the world.

Published by Flower of Life Press, this book establishes a conversation about the different facets of this new feminine evolutionary woman, and how our open hearts and powerful lineage of sisterhood can transform not just the world we each inhabit, but the global energetic of love.


Recent Releases from Flower of Life Press...

Listen to Jane speak about the creative process as part of Laura Hollick's International Soul Art Day 2016 (28:30)










Some of our authors & clients...

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol, representing the energy of creation and the flow of potential. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of life and the beauty of the universe. With this engine of transformation as our symbolic essence, we have created a publishing company dedicated to the emerging voices of leaders and change makers—all of those beings who seek a home for the conversation.

Flower of Life Press—publishing for the new age—continuously evolving and casting the fierce,
fiery glow of creative expression.



Interviews with changemakers and evolutionaries...

NUGGETS OF NECTAR: Jane interviews Amber Hartnell weekly as she shares her reflections on the pulse of the collective. Join us on FB to receive Amber's transmissions and witness how to stabilize your field in each moment — and ride the wave of life with curiosity, empowerment, and an open-hearted willingness to be here NOW.

NUGGETS OF NECTAR: with Jane Ashley & Amber Hartnell 9-1-16

Flower of Life Press author Jill Ginsberg speaks about her new book, Self-Made Wellionaire: Get Off  Your Ass(et), Reclaim Your Health and Feel like a Million Bucks. 

Flower of Life Press author Dana Damara speaks about her books, Oms from the Mat and Oms from the Heart


Interviews with the authors of "The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose"

Praise for Flower of Life Press

I'm awed by the way my writing was simplified yet sculpted carefully to keep my own words intact. I love it! And so my journey of writing and authoring books is being deeply cultivated; I shall continue this part of my journey with a much deeper appreciation of the process. I've completely enjoyed this entire process, including the immense opening up of transparency in sharing my awakening experience. Thank you so much for this priceless experience.

~Olana Barros,, co-author of The New Feminine Evolutionary: DIvine Downloads of Truth & Transformation

This woman ... Jane S. Ashley ... I chose her to publish my book Oms from the Mat .. you know why? Because one of her favorite people on the planet is Louise Hay and when I met her she said, "I want to create the next Hay House Publishing"... which is a HUGE statement that inspired me to say a big fat YES to her and her epic husband Scott Watrous. They are a dynamic duo to pay attention to for sure!
Not only that but she has daughters—she's a devoted mother and supports Girls Elevate—I see such HUGE abundance, prosperity, joy, harmony and love in this relationship. Love you Jane Ashley.
~Dana Damara,, Author of Oms from the Mat: Breathe, Move, Awaken to the Power of Yoga