Flower of Life Press Interviews

Featured author Amanda Johnson

Flower of Life Press publisher Jane interviews author Amanda Johnson about the process of creating from our essence, and the necessity of surrendering the results. Amanda shares how to trust that your book will resonate with the readers who are meant to receive its wisdom. She walks her talk and shares the heroine's journey of getting clarity, expressing and birthing the book, and then moving on from the attachment and identity that being an "author" can entail—in order to receive the gift of the medicine within the creative process. Learn more about this project (and thank you for pledging your support!) at www.amandajohnson.tv/kickstarter

Featured author Amber Hartnell

In this interview series, receive weekly short-n-sweet transmissions from Amber Hartnell so you can witness how to stabilize your field in each moment — and ride the wave of life with curiosity, empowerment, and an open-hearted willingness to be here NOW.

Featured Author Dana Damara

Author of Oms From the Mat: Breathe, Move, Awaken to the Power of Yoga and Oms from the Heart: Open Your Heart to the Power of Yoga

Featured Author Jill Ginsberg

Author of Self-Made Wellionaire: Get Off Your Ass(et), Reclaim Your Health, and Feel Like a Million Bucks


Get to Know the Priestesses: An Intimate Conversation

All proceeds from this purchase are being donated to Pachamama Alliance