Featured Author Dana Damara

“Teaching yoga is not about teaching yoga at all. It’s about sharing your passion, your uniqueness, your core values, your perspective on what’s important, and then learning how to use your voice to share it. ”
— Dana Damara, www.danadamara.com

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The truth is that when we breathe and move the body, we awaken to our inner reality, and the ever transient Self.. Our Truth. The physical postures of yoga were created to help us achieve liberation and the illusions from the mind. So you get to decide just how deep you want to travel into your soul. It all starts with one simple step and it’s all your divine decision. Meet yourself where you are at and embrace the love inside you. You needn’t physically practice yoga to experience an awakening, because yoga is your conscious breath, and taking just one mindful inhalation brings you to state of heightened awareness. Yoga is union; union of body, mind and spirit. These devotionals will resonate with you, no matter where you are on your path. Read these devotionals in succession or randomly, but be aware that once you ignite the fire within, you will never go back to sleep. Experience an awakening within yourself as you read this book, enlightening your true path. Each story will resonate with you while you embark on this journey of self -discovery.



Dana Damara reminds us in her timely new book, Oms from the Mat that everything that happens to us is a gift - no exceptions! Her brilliance is in taking deep-philosophical lessons from yoga and making them relatable to everyone. Her mantra of breathe, move, awaken resounds in each and every chapter and makes it not only an easy read, but a very welcome one for each of us who desire a simple journey to the soul.

~Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times Bestseller, Co-author of The Passion Test


Dana’s first collection, Oms from the Mat, has enriched thousands of yoga devotees since publication, and her newest book Oms from the Heart promises to appeal to all of those on the journey to consciousness. Yoga teachers will find inspiration from the devotionals while students of life will bask in the light of a woman fully engaged in living and embracing the world with love and the innate vibration of leadership. Oms from the Heart will challenge, enlighten, and inspire you to become your best self.


Oms from the Heart is transformative, powerful and heartfelt! Dana Damara writes in a clear, authentic and passionate voice that is easily understood and incredibly inspiring. Her life based observations, experiences and teachings are relatable whether you are a yoga practitioner, a mother, a dreamer, or a business person. This book is for anyone interested in digging deep, getting real and opening your heart to get in touch with your life in a way you may have never thought possible. Oms from the Heart provides words of truth and inspiration at every turn. It can be read front to back or better yet by opening to any page to find words of wisdom and insight that may just light your fire! It's a book to be read thoughtfully, bit by bit, maybe not all at once. Allow space and time to meditate on, consider, absorb the messages within the many teachings! ~Leila



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September 9: San Francisco, CA  

Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training: 200 Hour Yoga Training program.  

Every other weekend through November 20, we meet and gain knowledge about this science and art of yoga. At the end you are transformed, awakened and empowered. And you have the certification to share this passion and these teachings with others if you choose. 


September 19: Marin County, CA

Youth Elevate in the Schools:  Yoga/Mindfulness and Social/Emotional Intelligence Courses in Middle/High Schools

By adding on to what is already taught in schools, we will give our children a strong foundation in self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love.  We will help them understand the power of their thoughts, the power of their words, the importance of believing in themselves and the essential need for empathy, compassion and tolerance.

The program is theme-based, with a new topic introduced each week, offered via the Advisory Class and includes yoga/movement and lecture.  We make parent involvement mandatory and necessary and offer circles/forum of peers for more support as well.  



October 2016:   Walnut Grove, CA  and Napa, CA 

Girls Elevate Day Long/Weekend retreat for Mothers/Daughters 

Retreat includes yoga, mindfulness and connection for mother and daughter.  Activities to cultivate community and set a strong foundation for our tribe.