The Plants are our Greatest Teachers....


A note from Jane...

On my life's path, the fire of passion has always been my guidepost—that feeling of excitement and power when something feels just right...

As my career unfolded and I added certified nutrition coach to my title, and I learned more and more about natural solutions for health care, plant medicines became a bigger part of my life. When I put those first few drops of essential oil in the palms of my hands, I got that feeling, the zing! that says this stuff is special, and I want more. In that moment...

...doTERRA essential oils became a non-negotiable part of my lifestyle.

As a Book Publisher, I look for ideas that will generate that passion in readers—as a mother and a coach, I know that essential oils bring more than just excitement and special scents.

It’s that miracle of transformation which really brings essential oils to a new level of passionate commitment for me.

In fact, when I first got the idea to create and publish the book The Power of Essential Oils: Create Positive Transformation in Your Health, Business, and Life, I knew in my heart that we could create something fantastic, a compendium of wisdom and insight that would plant the seeds of wellness everywhere!

I consider myself a steward of the plants and of the earth. I know and trust that my company, doTERRA, provides only the most exceptional, highest-quality products around. 

Now, as I continue to build a stream of residual income by bringing the plants to the people, I have not only learned about the powerful properties of the plants and how they support our body, mind, and spiritual well-being, but also the magic of true leadership. 

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils for wellness in body, mind and spirit, or if you'd like to mentor directly with me and build a thriving business that will bring you to an almost unimaginable level of wealth consciousness and empowerment, I am here to show you the way.

I can't wait to hear from you!


Want to learn more? 

I am available to teach you and your friends who are interested in improving their health with pure essential oils. I offer a variety of gifts for each host, depending on your wants and needs such as free oils, or a new diffuser. You'll have fun with your friends and become empowered as a healer in your home! Contact me below to schedule your class - hosted either LIVE or ONLINE, or for more information about my free upcoming events!