Sisterhood... nothing has changed my life more than the power of women—together.

My sisters opened portals of evolution for me to step through, pushed me when I hesitated, and held me when I fell. They are there for me, always—no judgment, only open arms and the golden flow of love.

My intention as your coach is to wrap everything that I know—psychotherapy, art therapy, energy healing, nutrition, motherhood, LIFE—within the Divine Feminine experience of Sisterhood. I offer unique insights and sacred tools, and support wherever you may be on your path to a deeper level of presence and embodied power—so you can create and manifest what you really want.

This work offers a renewal of your deepest feminine power, sovereignty, trust, confidence, and embodied presence in your life.

3-Session + 3-Month packages available.

I’d been praying for someone to come along and be able to connect with me on a deep level—to be able to dig deep into my roots and help me to discover my sacred truth. I needed someone to help pull me out of the black tar I was stuck in and help me to rise up into the truth of my highest self—and share my story. I reached out to Jane and before I knew it, she graciously accepted me into her life and began coaching me to transform my life and find my voice. Wow! Our first phone meeting felt like she was sitting right in front of me and we accomplished so much in one hour. Jane continues to walk beside me with love, compassion, accountability, and wisdom. I consider Jane’s coaching as a beautiful blessing. I am forever grateful.
— Alis Mao, author of the upcoming book, "The Garden of Hope: My Journey from the Killing fields of Cambodia onto the Path of Love"
Dear Jane, I am currently a student in the Health Coach Training Program with IIN. I just watched your lecture “An Intuitive Approach to Closing the Deal.” I felt so grounded and open in my heart watching you speak. I hold many emotions in my heart and I have made most big decisions in my life by what I feel in my heart and the depths of my intuition. It was so empowering to learn how a successful health history session can be conducted in a different way than what I have seen so far. I sincerely thank you so much for sharing your approach to starting this journey - I know it will make a difference for me :) With gratitude and love.
— Lauren D.
Jane has been an inspiration in my life as to how create from an ethically-sound, well-resourced space to grow and create my dreams.
— Phoenix Na Gig, co-author of The New Feminine Evolutionary: Embody Presence—Become the Change