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True freedom is found when you lay down your shield and live from a place of your true perfection. You are free to be exactly who you are, trusting that what you do is complete—which is always enough.

With these words of peace and possibility, Amanda Johnson shares her personal journey—unique, empowering, and much like the stories and emotional baggage we all carry around. Amanda’s open-hearted narrative clearly shows the moments when seeds of judgment and ego-confusion were planted by well-meaning parents and mentors.

This is a story of courage—that first step into the unknown requiring trust and a deep understanding that after all is said and done, the most perilous pathway is found within all evolving beings. This journey doesn’t end at a roadside snack shack with celebratory icy drinks—when you sign onto this adventure, you sign up for life. Like those beautiful Russian Nesting dolls waiting patiently to be free, Amanda uncovers her inherent wholeness one layer at a time, using her expanding awareness and the wise words of pioneers who have walked before her.

With truth often seeming like a sharpened corkscrew digging deeper with every twist, the flow of transformation carries Amanda from one breakthrough to the next—the call of her truest self growing louder and more insistent as she paves her own path.

Filled with story and rich with depth, Becoming Enough is a powerful opportunity for seekers everywhere to join her movement of change, shed the protective shield of judgment, and live a life of true wholeness.



Amanda Johnson considers herself a bit of a nomad—born and raised in the Midwest, lived in nine cities, and spent time in fourteen countries and thirty-two states (not counting the ones she drove or walked through while hiking the entire Appalachian Trail). Amanda has spent the past few years as a writer, teacher, and radio show host after more than ten years of experience performing, educating, facilitating, and consulting. Her passion is inspiring others—second graders, CEOs, anyone really—and connecting with them. With wit, charm, and eloquence, she gets to the heart of the issue of wholeness and making that journey from “never enough” to “always okay.”

She shares her message in articles for The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Best Kept Self, MindBodyGreen; videos; group training programs; and her weekly Being Inspired Radio Show. You can learn more on her website: www.amandajohnson.tv.

She can also be found on social media @beingamandaj.